Creative Entrepreneur

Design is my passion, I wake up inspired most days, ready to create. I truly love what I do. #designlife

1983 - 2003

I've been an artist ever since I was a child. Picking inspiration from up my favorite movie icons at the time like Star Wars, E.T. and X-Men...I'm a real nerd folks.

Much of my time in class I was doodling on the edge of my finished papers and creating characters from scratch; a typical pattern for a young artist

I went from paper to drawing characters on my friend's clothing in high-school, and soon I was authoring original flyers and album covers for sale

2005 - 2009

Bachelor's Degree In Information Technology

In the Mid 2000's I decided to take my talent for tinkering with computers into the real world and pursued a 4 year degree in Information Technology instead of attending school for art.

Technology had grown so large by 2003, that I was compelled to continue my education and have it tailored to the tech industry. As you can imagine, I was happy to learn there was a great deal of art involved in making usable IT products

2013 - NOW

Rogues and Donuts

By 2010 my professor from college had hired me as an intern, that lead to a stint as a lead designer and eventual business partnership in a company called Rogue Designs. We were a leading company from 2009-2013 in Sacramento where we serviced clients like Guy Fieri of the Food Network ®

After some personal success with Rogue Design, the web industry slowed down and I became a freelance designer taking my experience on tour and reshaping the design of a multi million dollar cosmetics business (Curls ® LLC).

Recently a client gifted me with a real Cohiba!

Some really cool looking numbers.