I’ve got the ideas. I’ve got the tech. I have the right team.

Keeping it very direct; I’m in a prime position to leverage all of the years of my experience into a massively FUN & entertaining delivery for Maykit-metaverse or “Maykit.world”. Mayk.it is in the Chief position to take this market by storm with the right product. We can back it up with a model history in Arts & music. Forward ideas in this NFT space are still in the infancy, but I spend my own time absorbing the data so my tech blood is just as heavy as my music bones. I think You might have listened in on a recent Twitter Spaces I attended.. if not listen in: [AMA HERE]


 I am skilled at imagining, then creating what I imagine at scale IN 3 DIFFRENT arenas of my choice. Tech, Music & Art, all of which are my current infinity stones. I will pull together the team around my wireframes to create the structure (and launch) of a robust eco that people will enjoy. Placing value in  our preset real-estate environments is a crucial part of Mayk.it world building. It is a strong background in gaming /UI app development team that knows which ideas are worth the effort. I see how my understanding of 3D mapping and gameplay systems are a win for the metaverse. Twitter is on fire with NFT utility, and Use-case functionality.if Maykit is there the cutting edge must be near.

// Any Questions?

I’ve got the ideas. I’ve got the tech. I have the right team, but more importantly i’m positive of the impact we will have and I know how to get it done.

To the next world…