What I do?

Mobile App UI/UX Design

I began working on Mobile applications a bit late in 2015, this is because it takes a dedicated team who knows what to do.

I help tackle logic, design, and flow of the app as well as present stop-gap solutions to ideas that run aground. I'm adept at gathering the proper styling for an application to ensure it does it's absolute best in market, although the frontal idea always belongs to the client, I have found my experience and opinion is valued by those I create with. My first mobile app is in the 2 year phase and approaching version 3. visit www.showmenowapp.com My latest development is titled Drumtrax® which is a drummer's tool for playalong learning and practicing. Available soon on Google Play and the app store

Illustration and Branding

I make most of my ideas in pencil before they become solid lines. "Every great website was designed on paper" is what my professor told me, and this is still pretty accurate.

Illustrations for T-shirt and custom logos.

Storyboard, website wireframe, and flow chart drawings

custom characters and cartoons with a bit of effects. I hope to get into 3D sculpting soon

Typography is life

The font you decide to use is every-bit as important as the monumental business idea you have.

Designs for posters, festivals and large scale marketing in outdoors or convention halls..

Having a hard time choosing that wedding font or style of text for invites?

Punctuate the perfect display in front of your business with the right lettering

Project/Design Leader

A leader's best quality is knowing when to listen and when to follow.

Fortunately, my experience has afforded me with patterns I recognize in a successful deployment, and how to repeat them. I enjoy working in a team environment and sharing duties with other designers. I can lead a staff or become a member, depending on which is most needed. A personal goal is to one day expand to a dedicated floor of designers all working to make fresh creations for my community in Sacramento. Everybody should have great art.